Where pasta hooks elbows with steak diane

As you walk in, your mouth is already watering. To your right, a tantalizing exhibit of various cakes, pies, and pastries mock you; but you’ll forget all about their display as soon as you browse the 250 item menu. It was about time I visited one of the most famous restaurants in Utah. But the question remained, would it live up to its renowned reputation?

On the corner of 62nd and State Street, nestled next to Fashion Place Mall, sits The Cheesecake Factory. As you walk in, a buttery aroma that Gordon Ramsey would revere welcomes you in from the November cold.

My waiter for the night boasted a humorous and urbane personality, a demeanor I’m confident was shared among the other staff members. The mask mandate was sufficiently enforced, as I saw first hand, when a seemingly unsuspecting couple waltzed in with no mask in sight. My server was quick to bring out the “brown bread” and butter, which, if you’re not careful, will be your entire entreé rather than a simple dinner teaser.

Despite its extensive novel they call a menu, I was finally able to decide on the Four Cheese Pasta. What can I say, I’m a sucker for cheese. When combined with the noodles cooked to perfection, the chefs made a dish so delicious it was heartbreaking.

A cozy date night for two at the Cheesecake factory, including a slice of cheesecake of course, might set you back around $60. In the case that your Achilles heel isn’t the deadly combination of cheese and pasta, here are some other diverse dishes the Cheesecake Factory offers:

-Four Cheese Pasta: $17.95

-Carne Asada Steak: $17.50

-Thai Lettuce Wraps: $14.95

-Old Fashioned Burger: $13.95

-The Skinnylicious Menu

If the name “Cheesecake Factory” didn’t already tip you off, yes, a plethora of cheesecakes are waiting to be ordered, from mango key lime to a Reese’s peanut butter rendition. The Cheesecake Factory also has collaborations with Cinnabon and Girahdehlli that you are not ready for. If even enjoying cheesecake seems like a far fetched idea, there are numerous other options that can satisfy your sweet tooth:

-Giant Belgian Waffle(Saturday and Sunday Brunch): $7.95

-Warm Apple Crisp: $9.50

-Chocolate Tower Truffle Cake: $8.95

-Strawberry Shortcake: $9.95

-Hot Fudge Sundae: $9.50

The Cheesecake Factory was a popular destination for Halloween night. To be expected, the wait time was around 45 minutes; this was perhaps the only obstacle to a charming night. Among the limited list of complaints was the expensive nature of the Cheesecake Factory. I can assure you that you get what you pay for. The staff were all knowledgeable, the food delicious, and the atmosphere lavish.

If the prospect of pasta, shepherds pie, or filet mignon hasn’t left you drooling, the red velvet or tiramisu cheesecake certainly will.