Balenciaga’s new spring and summer collection for 2021

One of the outfits featured in the video

One of the outfits featured in the video

Coronavirus has brought many changes to the fashion industry, during the Paris Fashion show a few of the popular brands decided not to show in person, most notably Balenciaga and Rick Owens. Balenciaga has recently released their SS21 (Spring Summer 2021) for the fashion show, releasing a video showcasing it.

Their style is standard for Balenciaga with what I would describe as oversized cuts, traditional fabrics, and patterns with more regular-looking people which I am a fan of. Especially during quarantine where “comfort core” is the trend right now. 

They have also released a new shoe called the X-Pander which is a shoe that looks like an average ‘dad shoe’ but has an expanding heel. Most of the shoes showcased in the video the models are wearing slides or their X-Pander shoes

Students Natalia Harris, and Tehyen Chivano were interviewed online about the video that Balenciaga released.

Kinda interesting how much clothing they had overall, unique in a sense”. States Chivano after being questioned about his thoughts about the overall video

Neither of them would think about investing in any of the clothing that was shown No, I prefer casual clothing, nothing that draws attention” States Chivano “ No. I’m not cool enough.”. Says Harris

I personally think that this is a good season that Balenciaga has released, I tend to like Balenciaga’s oversized cuts and during quarantine having comfortable clothing be fashionable is something that I value. I personally won’t be investing in any of the clothes because I think that Balenciaga is going to charge a lot of money for their clothes.