Mikko Hansen: Fashion Expert


Photographer: Oliver Smith

Mikko Hansen, a freshman attending Hillcrest High School, often finds himself waking up late because he attends online classes as well as in-person class. Hansen often goes on bike rides and makes it a priority to listen to music every day. 

His priorities that are essential to everyday life are to get homework and chores completed.  He finds himself listening to music because it gives him purpose. 

Mikko is interested in fashion. In fact, if Mikko could meet anyone famous, it would be Bajowoo, Bajowoo is a Korean fashion designer and has been on the Korean fashion cover of Hypebeast.  

“I really like his style.” Mikko says with inspiration in his eyes, “What he does is something I would really be interested in.” He continues, “For fashion, I can express myself in a way that’s not loud.” 

Mikko found himself reflecting a lot during quarantine. He found out that he likes road biking.

 “The only sport I like is cycling, I find it really fun,”  Mikko says with a smile on his face.  On any given day, he usually goes on a bike ride to clear his mind.  

Things that drive Mikko forward in life are primarily music. Mikko listens to a lot of Tyler the creator. He says “ It’s just the style that they do and their style is unique.” Mikko also has a super cool vibe and can tell he cares about his friends. 

“One word to describe myself would be accepting because I generally don’t assume or stereotype, or at least I don’t try to.”  

Talking to Mikko for the first time gives you the impression that he is willing to accept everyone’s views and what they believe in. He is super sweet and is always willing to have a good friend.