Tupac’s Music and its impact

Tupac Shakur is one of the world’s most influential musicians of all time.  He left the rap world speechless after many songs that made a difference in how people think and act. Several conflicts arose with his music and how it affects society and children.

Shakur’s influence on music led to many people not siding with him over his music. The Rolling Stones called his music ¨Of the devil,¨ and ¨Neither devil, nor saint. He’s a tragic figure.¨  Many contentions rose to the media putting a singular focus on Tupac.  

A very controversial song is ¨Brenda’s got a baby.¨  This song put many people in a rage because it described the life of a 12-year-old girl who got raped, had a baby, and then got murdered in the streets.  Many people did not like it giving excuses such as ¨This kind of stuff should not be in the music our children listen to.¨

For a lot of West Coast rappers, they would idolize women as objects. For example, NWA´s song ¨Straight Outta Compton,¨ showed many derogatory phrases towards women that were against the norms of society. 

Tupac would counter their reaction with his song ¨Keep Ya Head Up,¨ explaining how treating women badly should not be a norm. ¨Why we rape our women, do we hate our women? I think it’s time to kill for our women.¨

One of Tupac’s most important ideas was to explain how black people live and describe their lifestyle.  Although it might be inappropriate for some viewers, his music changed the world for the better.  By describing the discrimination between black and white, Tupac shed some light on how we need to change.

T.H.U.G. L.I.F.E. was tattooed on Tupac’s chest symbolizing all of the community and how they struggle to live. Pac redefined the word ¨thug¨ to, a man who triumphs over systemic and societal obstacles. Meaning, one who would be affiliated with the phrase ¨thug¨ would overcome society discontent.

Finally, Tupac’s music influenced society for the better. Although there are a lot of controversies towards all the East and West Coast rappers, Pac brought good to the world by explaining the struggles of discrimination and how it still affects people today.  Even 20 years after the death of Tupac, his music continues to influence people today and how we can change the world for the better. 

¨My music is only talking about the oppressed rising up against the oppressor¨ Tupac once said in an interview in 1993. Pac’s music was a good influence on society and it brought many to realize how black people are discriminated against.