Traveling in the year 2020

A flight attendant cecks on passengers

A flight attendant cecks on passengers

I have traveled to many different places over the last seventeen years of my life. It’s always the same routine: get to the airport two hours early, get on the plane, land, and check into the hotel. I’ve never had to worry about anything until this last year came around and traveling began to change. 

There are many new protocols and expectations that affect travelers who are flying today. Some of the changes include required masks, slow returning in-flight services, requests for little contact, and preparation for potential tests and quarantines. 

Is flying really worth it when you could just drive to anywhere you need to go unless it’s outside of the U.S? Should we be traveling at all during this time even if it’s to go see family? I believe we should only be traveling if it’s for important things.

If we travel for not important things then we could bring the virus home with us and could infect more people. We could also take the virus with us and infect everyone we saw while on vacation. 

Thousands of people go in and out of airports every day. Even during COVID-19 airports are staying busy. 

I have been on a plane twice since COIVD-19 has started. Both times the plane has been basically all the way full and didn’t follow protocols of social distancing very well. It was scary because you never know who has the virus or not.  

Traveling will never be the same. Those who are traveling will have to make sure that they are being even safer than they were before. Not just on the plane but also wherever they are traveling to. If you are traveling you also need to make sure you aren’t bringing the virus back with you. Most people that travel quarantine themselves after returning from their trip.