Hats in school: cap or no cap?

Should hats be allowed in schools?


Should hats be allowed in schools?

Imagine waking up late in the morning for school and while battling against time, your hair isn’t cooperating. There isn’t an option to save yourself the embarrassment by throwing a hat on and walking out the door because hats are not allowed at school. What do you do?

One of the most common reasons why schools don’t allow hats to be worn inside the building is that it can be too big of a distraction. Depending on the style of the hat, it can be distracting to the person wearing it along with those around them. 

Washington Post reporter, Bob Levey, `says, “You might think that if I wear an Orioles cap to school, it’s just an innocent cheer for a baseball team. In fact, it’s an attempt to divert someone’s eyes, and someone’s attention.”

However, people may argue that there are bigger distractions that may occur in the classroom that are not taken as seriously. A hat is only going to be a distraction if the students and teachers act like it is a distraction.

Hats are an article of clothing, just like a shirt and jeans. It does not distract others or the student any more than a sweatshirt does,” according to Fenton Inprint.

Historically, it has always been respectful to remove any and all types of headwear upon entering a building, church, home, or school. People may argue that it shows a lack of manners if one does not do so.

Carlo J. Salzano, of Arlington, tells Washington Post, “[W]hen I was growing up, I was taught that gentlemen always uncovered their heads (or took off their hats) when entering a building — house, church, elevator or even a school.”

While there are valid points to both why or why not headwear should be allowed in schools, it is reasonable to say that it should be allowed. Clearly, if it is a distraction to other students or the instructor’s teaching, then the instructor should have the authority to ask for it to be removed. 

Students should be given the freedom and opportunity to express themselves while still showing a level of respect and maturity to the teachers and staff. 

Wearing hats in schools allows students to express themselves and their style. It is a piece of clothing that can completely change someone’s style. It adds a level of uniqueness to each student by the way they choose to wear them.