The what, where, and how of voting

Now more than ever, it seems, people are excited about voting. Celebrities and companies all over the internet have been encouraging people to vote for the last several months. Spotify even has a tab dedicated to helping people cast their vote this November, with podcasts and even playlists, as well as helpful links to registration websites.

The presidential election will be held on November 3, and with polling locations looking different this year, many people are anxious to vote, but don’t know how. Especially for first time voters, like high school seniors, casting a ballot can seem daunting and scary.

“I’m really excited to vote, this is an exciting election to be a part of,” said senior Morgan Bates.

The first and most important thing to know is how to become a registered voter. Some people register when they get their driver’s license, but if you aren’t registered or don’t know if you are, the website has all the information you need. From this website people can register to vote, check their registration status, learn more about how to vote, and even learn more about candidates and issues.

There are three main ways to vote in this election: vote by mail, vote early in person, and vote on election day.

For all registered voters in Utah, a ballot will be mailed out between October 13 and 26. To be counted, the ballot must be postmarked by November 2, or dropped off before 8 pm at a drop box, polling location, or county clerk’s office.

If voting on November 3 is not convenient, it is also possible to vote early at a select number of polling locations. For both early voting and day of, voters need to bring a valid ID, such as a driver’s license. A list of polling locations as well as more information about how to vote is available on

Finally, in such an important election it is important to be an informed voter. It is easy to make decisions based on surface observations, but everyone should make sure to do their research before they cast their vote. Also, although it is a presidential election, make sure to vote for local representatives as well. Positions like mayor and county leaders often have more impact on day-to-day life in your community than the President.

If there is anything to take from this election, it is that every vote matters. Please cast your vote and make your voice heard this election season, no matter how you choose to do that.