Hillcrest switches to virtual learning at the end of Governor Herbert’s 2 week lockdown

At 9:30 P.M. 0n Sunday, November 8, Utah’s Governor Herbert announced new regulations putting Utah on lockdown for two weeks, declaring Utah to be in a state of emergency. Nearly two weeks later, Canyons School District announced a two week switch to online school for Hillcrest High School students.

With a nearly steady increase of cases daily, the amount of COVID-19 related cases and deaths were on the rise, and Governor Herbert decided to call for action.

But even with this new mandate, cases are spiking like crazy. On November 14, Utah hit a record high of 4,986 cases. As reported on the Canyons School District COVID-19 dashboard, Hillcrest currently has 27 cases-which is 1.5% of the school’s population. 187 students are in quarantine.

The Governor re-emphasized the importance of masks, and assured that this lockdown won’t negatively impact the economy.

From November 9, to November 23, Governor Herbert and the Department of Health instituted and reinstituted laws and order to help stop the spread of COVID-19.

Businesses must require masks upon entry (any businesses that don’t comply will be charged with fines)

Two week pause on extra-curriculars-this includes any social gatherings outside of school. The exceptions are collegiate and championship games. (check facts)

Limit social gatherings to only household members

The two week pause on extracurricular activities includes high school sports, and this is affecting high school students on a personal level.

Charles Hooper, a junior on Hillcrest’s cross country team said, “With the cases rising and all that stuff, it’s kind of getting out of hand. But (Governor Herbert) realized it was time we needed (a lockdown).”

This past weekend Hillcrest decided to move to online learning for two weeks due to the increasing cases at Hillcrest. The school passed its 1 percent threshold, and the district decided Hillcrest needed to move to online learning. Virtual classes start Tuesday, November 24, and will go until December 7.

Once the lockdown is over, Hooper is anxious to unite back with friends and family-but in a COVID-19 safe way.

Herbert said later that night in a tweet, “These changes are not shutting down our economy, but are absolutely necessary to save lives and hospital capacity.“

Every Utahn plays a role in Utah’s recovery. We lead together,” said coronavirus.utah.gov.

Students, please wear your masks and continue to social distance. There is only one way to get through this, and it’s by doing your part. Wear your mask, social distance, and be smart.

We’ve got this.