The best British slang

While American slang is pretty great, there are a few words from our friends across the pond that I personally believe should be universal. To see some of these great words in action, “The Great British Bake Off” is chock full of these wonderful witticisms.

Chuffed- This might sound like something bad, but it actually means to be proud of something. You could say, “I’m really chuffed about my test score.”

Brilliant- While not exclusively a British word, the word does not simply refer to intellect. It is used as an exclamation when something is especially wonderful or good.

Knackered- This is one that high school students might get a lot of use out of. Knackered means to be especially tired or exhausted. A student is probably completely knackered when they get home from school.

Rubbish- This word has nearly the same meaning as the american word trash. It can be used to describe things that need to be thrown away or things of terrible quality.

Tosh- Another word for rubbish.

Bob’s your uncle- Just a funny expression used in the middle of a series of instructions. For example, “Save the file, hit the print button, and Bob’s your uncle, you’ve got your paper.”

I would love to hear these expressions used more often. They are funny and interesting, and way more fun to say than most of our American words. Credit to for the definitions.