Crazy vintage recipes

People nowadays eat some pretty interesting things, from octopus ink to whatever is in kombucha, but these weird vintage recipes might give them a run for their money.

Gelatin was a popular ingredient in many dinners in the 50s, and home chefs seemed to use every opportunity they could to suspend their food in the clear, jiggly stuff. This recipe for beef in aspic is a good example. It includes unflavored gelatin, cold roast beef, carrots, and worcestershire sauce.

These salad mold dishes are some of the craziest things. One recipe card shows how to prepare a lime and cheese salad, to be topped with a seafood salad. Another one is for jellied chicken salad, which mainly consists of shredded chicken in a chicken broth gelatin.

Basically, they could not resist turning anything into a loaf, whether it was meat, jello, celery, or a chicken mousse.

Lastly, there is a recipe for ham and bananas with hollandaise. This one doesn’t look as terrible as the others, but it sounds incredibly unappealing. The texture of the baked bananas along with the savory ham and sauce is certainly an interesting combination.

It is hard to believe anyone actually ate these recipes, let alone thought it was a good idea to publish them, but it is fun to look back now and see what people used to eat.