Hillcrest alumni spreads hope to several families over the holidays

(Maddie, Parker, and Hayden Wheeler at the start of their organization)

(Maddie, Parker, and Hayden Wheeler at the start of their organization)

Hillcrest alumni Parker Wheeler, his wife Maddie Wheeler, and little brother Hayden Wheeler dedicated their time and efforts into making 2020 a better year for many families. Parker founded Spread Hope in November last year with a goal to continue growing the non- profit organization to help as many families as possible.

Everyone deserves happiness during the holidays. The Wheeler’s are making this a reality for several families during Easter, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. Spread Hope was founded in a family kind of love.

“We have always felt the need to give back because of how blessed we have been in life. Growing up, our mom would organize sub-for-Santa events every year by herself…We always got to help her collect, wrap, then deliver the gifts and clothes,” he explained. “We started our non-profit organization because we wanted to do the same thing but on a larger scale, for multiple holidays. We had been wanting to do it for a few years and then with everything that happened in 2020, it seemed like the perfect time to finally do it because people needed hope more than ever!”

Through multiple generous donations, they were able to help 4 full families have a great Christmas this past year. These families were provided with beds, food, clothing, presents, groceries, towels, and blankets. The Wheeler’s not only give these families hope, but they also made some new friends. Learning about others and their lives has been so rewarding. They cannot wait to provide for more as their organization grows.

In the future, the community will be able to help with gift wrapping events and delivery. For now, Spread Hope can use your help by donating to their Venmo @spreadhope and spreading the word to everyone you know. Social media is a great way to get the word out. They are on Instagram @spreadhopeut.

The Wheeler’s loved their experience at Hillcrest and would like to thank their teachers and coaches for their impact on their lives. Parker was on the basketball team and Maddie was on the drill team in high school. They were great leaders then and continue to use their leadership skills now.

Parker wheeler described his Hillcrest experience as, “Hillcrest helped us develop our roots and shape who we have become. We had incredible coaches and teachers that taught us important life lessons. They were great examples of giving and service.” 

As life gets harder, it is important to focus on the little things and find the positive. The Wheeler’s are great examples of this idea, these wonderful people have spread hope to many families and continue to do so for so many others.

Follow in their footsteps and be the change.