Broncos left quarterback-less

Pictured: Kendall Hinton playing against the Saints on November 29. Hinton made his first NFL start against the Saints with no practice beforehand. Source:

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Pictured: Kendall Hinton playing against the Saints on November 29. Hinton made his first NFL start against the Saints with no practice beforehand. Source:

If any coach, player, or fan associated with football is asked what the most important position on the field is, they are likely to say the quarterback(or QB). The QB is the leader of the offense, and without one, scoring points would be near impossible. NFL teams strive to find a QB to lead their team, and having a capable backup in case of injury is just as important.

A few weeks ago, the Denver Broncos didn’t just lose their starting QB to injury. On Sunday, November 29, the Denver Broncos played against the New Orleans Saints without a single QB active for the game.

The National Football League (NFL) has been greatly impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. The league utilizes daily testing to try to contain outbreaks. When a player tests positive, if they had any close contact with any other players (living together, near each other without masks, etc.), those players must quarantine for a minimum of 5 days.

According to ESPN, backup QB Jeff Driskel tested positive earlier in the week of November 29. On Saturday the 28, the league determined that starting QB Drew Lock and backup QBs Brett Rypien and Blake Bortles were around Driskel without masks on. Because of this, they were quarantined and the Broncos were left without any QB on their roster.

The NFL has delayed multiple games due to potential outbreaks, but they kept the Broncos and game on schedule. The league has not disclosed too much information for why the game was not postponed. The Broncos were forced to play without a starter though, and they started Kendall Hinton.

Hinton is a wide receiver who was elevated from the Broncos’ practice squad the day before the game. Hinton played QB scarcely in college, but hadn’t played since. He was given no practice time with the Broncos offense either.

Without any preparation for the game, Hinton threw for one completion for nine yards, while throwing two interceptions. The Broncos lost the game 31-3, but Hinton’s teammates praised him for being courageous and stepping up to play QB during the game, as inconvenient as it was.

Debates have been swarming the internet about how the NFL handled the situation.

Hillcrest basketball star Max Willits has been a huge Broncos fan since he was young. When asked about the situation, Willits was shocked at the whole development.

“I think that it was crazy that the Broncos were left without a QB last Sunday. The chances of all QBs being out is just outrageous. I think it’s a tricky debate whether or not the NFL should’ve postponed the game, but I think that they should’ve.”

Another NFL fan, Michael Lepore, watched the game and blamed the Broncos for the development.

When asked about the situation, Lepore said, “I truly felt bad for the guy who was forced into playing QB. He looked like he was running for his life and his throws were not close to being accurate. Kudos to him for trying though. Furthermore, although there are some who said the NFL should’ve allowed the Broncos an exception, the 4 QBs on the team didn’t follow the rules. That wasn’t anybody’s fault but theirs and the teams- it wasn’t the NFL’s fault and it wasn’t their opponent’s fault.”

While Lepore and Willits offer two unique opinions on the crazy development, one thing remains sure: The NFL and the Broncos hope they never have to deal with a situation like this ever again.