How to rock climb


John Dickey

Alex Honnold rock climbing in Yosemite Valley, Californina.

To learn the basics of Rock Climbing, one needs to know a basic history of rock climbing.

Climbing began out in suburban crags outside of LA and San Francisco. Later moved to Yosemite National Park, rock climbers like Warren Harding and Royal Robbins would push the limits ofclimbing to a bigger and better standard.

In the 70 ́s John Bachar would push the sport of climbing to the dangerous ascent of Free Soloing. Free Solo is the most basic form of rock climbing but also the most dangerous. It is using nothing but shoes and a chalk bag to ascend the wall. No ropes or any carabiners to protect you if you fall.

Free climbing, sound alike free solo but it is not the same. Free Climbing is when a person has a rope but sets pro (Protection) as they go up the wall. Another name for free climbing is sportclimbing. Sport climbing uses a form of carabiner called a quickdraw. A climber will clip one carabiner in the wall while the other is clipped to the rope of the climber.

Traditional climbing also known as Trad, is another type of free climbing. Instead of quickdraws, one would use an expandable device that goes in cracks of the climb and keeps the climber from falling. In order to climb, one would need a belayer so they can climb safely with protection. A belay device stops the rope from keeping the climber to falling to the ground.

Here is a list of basics one would need to start climbing in a gym and or outside sport climbing.
Basic Harness, belay device, etc: