MF DOOM: your favorite rapper’s favorite rapper



MF DOOM (aka Supervillian or MetalFace DOOM) is arguably the most influential person in our current generation of rap, hip hop. He recently died on October 31 from unknown reasons and his death was not announced until December 31. 

Daniel Dumile was born in 1971 in London and during his childhood he moved to New York where he first saw success during the 1990’s. Daniel’s character MF DOOM is heavily inspired by comics, his metal mask is similar to Doctor Doom and his music is very obviously inspired by older superhero movies.

And DOOM is one of the most influential people in music with a long list of famous people such as Drake, quoting MF DOOM is his tweets and starting his career off by rapping over DOOM’s melodies. 

Playboi Carti, referencing DOOM in Whole Lotta Red, JPEGMAFIA,  “I wanted to be like DOOM ALLCAPSNOSPACES. a black weirdo i could look up to. i wish we could have met”. Earl Sweatshirt and Tyler the Creator are both huge fans of DOOM with a video of them meeting DOOM, and they both start to freak out about being able to take pictures with him.

If you are a fan of superheroes, especially comics you will probably really like DOOM. His lyrics are very creative and fun to listen to, an example of this is

“Allegedly; the investigation is still ongoing/ In this pesky nation he gots the best con flowin/ The pot doubles, now they really got troubles/ Madman never go *pop* like snot bubbles”. (Lyrics from All Caps)

Any MF DOOM fan will tell you that his earliest work is his best, if you’re going to get into him start with Doomsday, MM… FOOD, and Madvillainy. The biggest problem with DOOM and his songs is that they lack emotional depth, none of them really move you emotionally. 

I would describe it as watching a fun action movie where you might really like it but it doesn’t emotionally move you in any way. 

Most rap or hip hop fans will tell you that MF DOOM is an incredibly good artist, if you like superheroes, rap or hip hop I would highly recommend listening to MF DOOM.