Athletes tested to keep practices going


An athlete taking a COVID-19 test

COVID-19 has had one of the biggest impacts on everyone’s life, especially athletes since March 2020. Many athletes have already had their seasons cancelled or postponed because of the pandemic.

In the last month, many Utah high school sports teams have been getting tested every week. According to Fox13, Governor Herbert made a new statewide coronavirus rule: that testing is required for student athletes to continue to play their sport. If there are three positive tests on a team, then the team has to quarantine.

“Team members with COVID-19 are affecting the team just by having to be quarantined and missing practice,” said the Hillcrest High School cheer coach Carly Dent.

Many high schools have had to quarantine due to high cases of COVID-19 which does not allow teams to practice during this quarantine. During the two week quarantine, athletes will have to practice individually and be responsible for not forgetting or losing skills that they have gained.

The tests being sent to schools are the nasal swab tests. This is a rapid test kit. Athletes are in and out within minutes. Results are also very fast and are sent out to athletes within 15 minutes.

Schools within the Canyon School district have an order of how testing goes down. The first thing that happens is you need your permission slip and you have to get in a line alphabetical order with your team. You then are handed a swab and wait until you get to the testing table where they take the swab and circle it in your nostril then you wait for your results.

“Testing was quick and easy. It was organized and the results were quick. The experience was great,” said coach Dent.

Testing athletes every so often will help the team stay safe and to make practicing easier. It will also help athletes feel more comfortable knowing that the team is testing negative. If everyone on a team is testing negative, then everyone will be going to practice.

Even with testing going on every week, teams still are being extra careful by wearing masks and staying home if they have any symptoms.