Maddux Albers: Future NBA Star!

Maddux Albers is only a sophomore and is already a Hillcrest High School basketball star. Albers has a busy schedule with basketball and school, but manages to evenly weigh out his time for both. Albers says, “Basketball has surrounded my life for as long as I can remember.”

Albers has been playing basketball since he was 5 years old. First he started playing Junior Jazz with all of his friends and then continued on to play club basketball.

“I stayed with basketball because I was good at it and I have a lot of knowledge about the sport. I am also very passionate about it,” said Albers.

Albers likes to get his school work done so it never gets in the way of basketball. Academics are first priority for him. Getting his work done helps him be able to keep a good balance between school and basketball. Basketball is his life now. Working out three times a day takes up most of his time but, in his rare free time he likes to play video games and watch tv.

The Hillcrest basketball team is a family and they all have fun together.

“The chemistry of the team is what helps us work better together on the court,” said Albers.

COVID-19 has been an issue for the team. They have had to cancel games and have had teams cancel on them.

Even though COVID-19 has gotten in the way they are still trying to have a season this year. The team is pushing towards winning the region championship and are all working hard to be even better.

Maddux is hoping that basketball can take him to college and even all the way to the pros. He says “I know that sounds kind of cliche, but I believe with hard work and dedication I can make it.”