The pros and cons of snow

Imagine that feeling you used to get when you woke up to it snow. The whole world would be blanketed in white, and you could hardly wait to get bundled up to go play, whether that meant having a snowball fight, going sledding, or making a snowman.

Now when I wake up to snow, I feel nothing but dread. I hate driving in the snow, and walking to school in the cold is just terrible. I don’t have time to go play anymore.

Overall, I have a lot of mixed feelings about snow. I still love the way it looks and I have so many memories of fun times with my friends and family. Here are the best and worst parts of snow:

Best: Snow days. Even though they are not common in Utah, nothing beats waking up in the morning, fully expecting to have to trudge through another day at school, only to find out school is canceled! There is nothing as satisfying as crawling back into a nice warm bed and spending the day curled up watching Netflix with a cup of hot cocoa.

Worst: Wet shoes. Walking in the cold is bad enough, but when you accidentally step in a puddle it means your shoes are going to be wet and cold for the rest of the day. Walking through the slush and sleet just makes you miserable.

Best: Playing in the snow. Like I said, I have so many fun memories of playing in the snow. I never had the patience to build a very good snowman, but at least I got hot chocolate when I was done.

Worst: Slippery walks. I can’t count how many times I’ve slipped on ice during the winter months. Landing on my butt on the cold ice is not fun.

Winter in Utah definitely has its ups and downs, sometimes literally. But no matter what, snow falling outside will always make me happy. Isn’t the snow pretty?