Christmas isn’t the only December holiday

Christmas cookies

Christmas cookies


Caption: Christmas Cookies

Look at December 4, 18, 22

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December 1

Giving Tuesday

National Christmas Lights Day

December 2

National Fritters Day

National Mutt Day

December 3

World trick shot day (*first Tuesday in December)

December 4

National Cookie Day (*only the best food in the ENTIRE world)

December 5

Candle Day

International ninja day

December 6

Put on your own shoes day (*sorry prince charming)

December 7

National Cotton Candy Day

National letter writing day

International aviation day

December 8

National brownie day

Pretend to be a time traveler day (*would you time travel back in time or into the future?)

December 9

National pastry day

National Llama day (*Llama just say…Llama puns are the best!)

December 10

Dewey decimal system day

International animal rights day

December 11

International mountain day (*Utah has lots of them!)

Christmas jumper day

December 12

Gingerbread house day (*do you make gingerbread or use graham crackers?)

National Ding-A-Ling Day

December 13

National Ice cream day

National violin day

National horse day

December 14

Monkey day

National Bouillabaisse day (*it’s a fresh fish stew dish)

December 15

National cat herder’s day

National Cupcake day

National wear your pearls day

December 16

National chocolate covered anything day

Barbie and Barney Backlash day

December 17

National maple syrup day

December 18

Answer the phone like Buddy the elf day (*my new personal favorite!)

Bake cookies day

National roast suckling pig day

December 19

National oatmeal muffin day

December 21

Look on the bright side day

National french fried shrimp day

national short girl appreciation day

December 22

National cookie exchange day (*this may be the most important holiday to ever exist, cookies are my one weakness)

December 23

National Christmas Movie marathon day (*Home Alone 1& 2…all 3 Santa Clause movies…)

December 26

National thank you note day

December 27

National fruitcake day (*have you ever had it?)

December 28

National chocolate candy day

National call a friend day (*facetime/zoom/google hangouts all count too!)

December 29

Pepper pot day (*if you don’t know what that is, don’t worry-it’s a type of stewed meat and is the national dish of Guyana)

December 30

National Bacon Day

December 31

No interruptions day