Not so Saved by the Bell

On November 24, a reboot of the hit 90’s TV series “Saved by the Bell” starring Mark-Paul Gosselaar was released on the streaming service Peacock. I had high hopes for this spin off of such an iconic show. My parents loved SBTB and as soon as it was on Netflix, they got me hooked. The announcement of the reboot was so exciting. The guarantee of appearances from the original cast made it so much more promising. 

However, it was ruined for me in the first episode. I’m sad to say I was very disappointed in the production of this remake. It is missing many important factors of the original series like: Zack Morris and his pranks to get out of school functions, the iconic role of the adorkable Screech, and the typical sitcom style. 

I’m all for diversity and changing up the status quo, but it all felt so forced in the first episode. It seemed as if they were trying to incorporate and expand on every stereotype in just 31 minutes. They left no room for character development. I wasn’t left wondering what the characters wanted to pursue or what I was going to get from them in the next episode like I would in the original. 

The 90’s series was full of fun and lighthearted material. There were many episodes that got to a deeper level, but ultimately the episodes were made to have the audience laughing and entertained. 

The storyline didn’t need to have much going on in one episode because they were able to build off of each other over time and let the viewers have time to fall in love with each character. They took time to give you the background story which made the series that much more intriguing. You were always watching more to find out more.

The reboot wasted no time. They put every character out on the line in the first episode expecting the viewers to love the characters immediately. Unfortunately, this expectation was not met. 

Simply, it left me unaffected and uninterested. I will stick to watching the original series. The reboot was not what I was expecting nor wanting out of such an incredible show.