Dead by Daylight review

Dead by Daylight is an online survival horror game that is available on just about every console and is even free to play on the app store. It was released on June 14 2016 and still holds up and gets updates to this day. 

There are 5 players in every game, 4 survivors and 1 killer. The objective of the killer is to kill all of the survivors, and the objective of the survivors is to fix 5 generators and escape. It is considered to be a horror game, but when you learn the ropes it isn’t scary.

Compared to any other game, Dead by Daylight is unique. With each different killer having their own power, these powers range from bear traps, going invisible, bouncing off the walls, and the newest killer, being able to send out their twin. 

I mostly play survivor when I play, and the gameplay is moderately similar to other horror games, walk around and watch out for the killer. The “uniqueness” comes from what other things you can do, different perks, looping, and how to counter the things that the killers can do. 

Playing killer on the other hand is hugely different to any other game that I have played.  The closest that I can think of is Friday the 13 the Game, where each killer has different powers you need to know about. 

Just like every other DLC (Downloadable Content) they have released the game is riddled with bugs and glitches that can ruin the new killer, making her power nearly completely useless. There are quite a few more problems with the game such as they release updates pretty late. The DLC’s in this game are also a bit of a problem. To be able to experience more out of the game you need to pay 5$+ to experience more from the game.

This game is really hard to get into, many of the things you need to do especially as a survivor are extremely foreign to other games. The biggest example of this for me is “looping”. Looping is when a survivor runs around an object while the killer chases after them. There are many things both sides can do to end or continue chases, the only problem is the tutorial doesn’t mention this at all and every single killer has something that they can do in a chase whether it helps them or not.

One thing that people may not like is that there is no definitive win or loss for any game. Many people interpret what happens in a game differently, some people prioritize ranking up as winning, or some may think that getting 4 kills is a win. This raises the problem of losing motivation for the game very early because you don’t know what you need to do and there isn’t really a reward for winning. My advice for staying interested in the game is to just have fun. Mess around with bad perks, it doesn’t matter if you “lose.”

Even though this game has many things that aren’t good I think it still is a pretty good game. The game has a lot of diversity in playstyles and perks. Once you get a handful of perks it’s really fun to mess around with them in game, especially with friends. It can get infuriating at times because you have to rely on your teammates. 

Another really good thing is the art in this game is really good, the skins are very creative and look really good. There are also some really good content creators for this game who are very entertaining and help new players such as Otzdarva.

Overall, Dead by Daylight isn’t a horror game, its based in a horror setting but it really isn’t a scary game. But it is a really good game of cat and mouse