Wandavision- Past, Present, Future

In the newly released Marvel TV show, Wandavision, fans are taken on a journey through Wanda’s mind.  Every episode takes place during a different decade.  For the first episode, it takes place in the 60’s then the second is in the 70’s and so on. People will be taken on an adventure with Marvel’s characters, Vision and Wanda. 

Vision, knowingly dead from Avengers Infinity War, is one of the key characters in the show.  Fans are theorizing whether or not he came back to life after Thanos killed him.  Vision is a crucial character because he is made up of an Infinity Stone. 

Wanda is said to have the power to create her own reality.  In the comics, Wanda created a reality to have children with Vision.  Her children were later stolen by Agnes in the comics.  Agnes in the TV show plays a crucial role in being very sneaky.  She often talks with riddles. 

One of the main villains of the show is said to be theorized as Mephisto.  Mephisto is the devil in the Marvel comics.  Fans have theorized that he will be controlling Wanda and convincing her to create a reality that will end up destroying her.  

Hillcrest student Jude Mismash is a big fan of Wandavision and believes that everything in the show is a false reality.  

“I think that Wanda has created her own reality and is controlling everything in the show. I think the only person that is real besides Wanda is Mephisto, but we haven’t seen him yet,” says Mishmash.

Wanda is living in a false reality and we know that because at the end of each episode that has premiered so far, has shown the outside world.  Sword, the space force that people like Nick Fury are a part of are trying to pull Wanda out of her reality but something keeps nagging her back.  There have been many attempts to throw Wanda out of her reality. 

By the end of the third episode, the show starts to make sense.  Fans like Mismash are theorizing whether or not Wanda is the villain of the show.  There are also theories that might be a little out of the ordinary.  

Hillcrest senior, Max Willits said “I think it would be cool if Doctor Strange came in with Spiderman at the end of the show to save Wanda,” he continues “This would be a cool tie in to the upcoming film of Spiderman.”

The show is a must see to anyone that is a fan of Marvel.  It brings a new perspective to the multiverse and is thrilling to watch.  If you have Disney +, take the time to watch the show. It will not be regretted.  The show will take you on a journey through Wanda´s head. 

This particular show would be considered a solid 5/5 paws.