America’s next top model

Tyra Banks and ANTM judges

Tyra Banks and ANTM judges

Reality shows like the Bachelor and the Bachelorette have gathered a cult following for their overdramatic and cheesy episodes. No one ever wants to admit that they watch them, but it’s hard to resist the urge to binge watch them sometimes. America’s Next Top Model is one of these infamous shows.

The show is created and hosted by model Tyra Banks, and each week contestants participate in a challenge and a photoshoot before they are judged, and one contestant is eliminated. Over its 24 seasons, the show had a number of rotating judges. Judge Kelly Couture was especially known for her biting commentary.

Part game show and part reality show, we also get to see the girls interacting with each other in their house. As you can guess, a modeling competition attracts an interesting group of people and sparks are bound to fly.

Each episode is packed with drama. There is drama between the contestants, there is drama on the scene of the photo shoot, and there is drama with the judges. What makes the show so appealing is the ridiculousness of all of it. Everything and everyone is so over the top that you can hardly believe that it’s real. It is interesting to watch a television show that seems to take itself so seriously, and yet not at all.

ANTM is a supremely dumb show, but the simple drama, problems so outragous when compared to the problems we face today, are almost a comfort.