Traveling on a budget

Railay Beach

Railay Beach

There are many incredible places around the world that make this planet special. Whether it’s white sand beaches, street food, thick, exotic jungles, or historic landmarks, there is always some kind of beauty. While these places are all very pretty, it’s not always the most affordable.

In relation to cost of living, hotels, transportation, and food, here are some of the best places to visit when the money is tight.


This country, located in southeast Asia, is home to “some of the nicest people in the world,” according to Nomadic Matt. It would be a challenge to spend more than $50 a day, as an air-conditioned room only costs $20 a night and a good meal can be found for only $2!


Another great backpacking location, and the most visited country is southeast Asia, is Thailand. However, it is not just a hotspot for backpacking. The cheap food, housing, and activities allow for a smaller budget to still have amazing experiences. If you are trying to budget, you can expect to pay only $25-$30 a day!

El Salvador

Central America is home to many beautiful locations with great food, people, and options for vacationing. El Salvador is the smallest country in Central America but also the most densely populated. To rent a place near the beach or with a pool, it’s only going to cost around $50 a day. There are also many great, cheap places to find good meals for less than $5 and mid-ranged meals for less than $10!


Fiji is full of beautiful scenery on all parts of the islands (two main islands and over 900 smaller inlets). There are many high-end resorts and restaurants in Fiji, but there are also great options for budgeting guests. There are several different options for finding a place to stay, but renting a room is going to cost around $53 a day. This price is higher than some other places but the beauty of the country makes it worth the price. Street food dishes are typically less than $3 and a decent meal at a restaurant costs about $14.