Hillcrest 2021-22 school registration


As the 2020-21 school year tips into its second half, preparations for next school year are in full swing at Hillcrest High as students and staff pick and arrange classes.

So, how will registration work this year?

Counselors will start in classrooms the first few weeks of February to help students pick their future classes. They will take each grade one week at a time, coming into English classes to aid students as they use the new online process and answer any questions.

Due to COVID-19 and the craziness it has caused, this year will be scheduled online via Skyward rather than on paper. Course requests open up February 2 and must be completed by February 18 so the counselors can begin to schedule next year’s classes.

But, the question must be asked. How will registration work for online-only students?

Online students this year unfortunately have to register differently than the rest of the school. In a newsletter sent to their parents’ and csddocs emails or in a banner located in Skyward, online students must go to a Google Doc instead of scheduling via Skyward.

Students have to choose whether they want to take school completely online or in-person, meaning there are no hybrid schedules for the upcoming year (a mixture of online and in-person classes).

Online courses are not fully sorted out yet, and what they are fully depends on how many students request them. But, a grade may not have any online classes this year. In order to have school available online, there must be a minimum of 100 students requesting per grade or everyone will have to take school in person.

Fortunately, next year they are offering honors and AP classes, as well as more elective classes than last year to help those who wanted to take those previously unavailable courses.

According to Nikki Huff, Hillcrest High counselor for last names Bur- Cr, it is important to know that all resources will be ready and available online, and schedules need to be completed even if you are not in class during the period set aside for registration.

Stay in contact with your counselor and don’t be afraid to ask for help or come to them with any questions you many have. The counselors are here to help with this new process to make it go as smoothly as possible.

More information can be found in this Husky Strong Newsletter.