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Husky Fair is a time for eighth graders to see all the fun and interesting clubs or classes that they can join for next year. In a normal year, pre-pandemic, Hillcrest sets up booths for the new freshman to come with friends or parents to see what we have to offer.This year we are including videos for the classes and clubs. Although we have to show videos instead, it doesn’t mean we can’t show our Husky pride.

“Husky fair is when the freshman for next year get to see all the classes and clubs that they can join for the year,” Mrs. Heath stated.

Mrs.Heath’s is a child development teacher, an ECE teacher, and a foods teacher at HHS. Her favorite thing about Husky Fair is being able to see the freshmen talk about their options in classes.

“There’s a lot more classes they can take in high school than in middle school. Just seeing the kids getting excited to take our classes and seeing ‘oh my gosh, you have this too!’ just seeing their mind be blown.” Mrs. Heath stated.

Miriam Camacho is a senior at HHs, and she is super excited to make posters with her psychology class. She likes that new freshmen get to see all the classes and opportunities that they can do at HHS.

“There’s a lot of different classes that you can take after high school that are offered right here at hillcrest.”

Try new classes, be in different clubs. The thing that made joining clubs and getting into different classes makes Hillcrest really fun. You get to meet different teachers and different students in those classes, you just get to talk to lots of people with a similar interest. It’s really fun to branch out and talk to people you wouldn’t normally meet in your other classes.

Honestly, even if you are a freshman right now or even a junior, you should look into Husky Fair. Every year we get new classes or new clubs to join. It’s really fun to be in clubs and just to be involved in school activities. There is something at Hillcrest for everyone.