Life after COVID: Stepping into the new normal

Ever wondered what it will be like when this is all over? If we will always have to wear masks? If life will go back to normal? It has now been over a year and everyone is wondering when life with the Coronavirus will be over.

COVID-19 isn’t a new thing and we have all had to start doing new things to avoid it. Not only by having to wear masks everywhere but also not being able to see family members and social distancing because of being worried about spreading the virus, the whole world has had to change due to the pandemic.

“I think it will never be the same. People will always be cautious and paranoid!” Says Hillcrest High School senior Allison Hargis.

No one knows what life will be like after COVID-19 but are hoping for the best. There are two things that could happen after COVID-19 is gone. The world could either go back to normal and everything would be the same or the world would still be scared and will still follow COVID-19 protocols.

There are multiple things that will look differently permanently. There will not be as much shaking hands, blowing out candles on cakes, and sanitizing schools and stores will happen more often.

Everyone could act differently too. Seeing how people don’t follow rules now during the pandemic shows that you can’t force anyone to do things.

So after COVID-19 will people do their own thing and either wear masks and follow the protocols still or will they not follow any of the protocols because they aren’t scared anymore.