The big musical, COVID-19 style

Tickets are already on sale for the school's big musical

Tickets are already on sale for the school’s big musical

This February, Hillcrest will once again find itself transported to Paris for the big musical. Four years ago, the school performed “Les Miserable”, a musical based on Victor Hugo’s classic novel of the same name. It won best musical in the state, and basically blew the collective minds of both its cast and audience. This year’s musical, “The Hunchback of Notre Dame,” is also based on a Victor Hugo novel, “Notre Dame de Paris.”

“We looked back at ‘42nd Street’ and ‘Hairspray’ and we like to give a variety of shows for the students as well as the community and we haven’t done a piece that had kind of that family, Disney movie type aspect to it since ‘Mary Poppins’ four years ago…” says theatre teacher Joshua Long, “‘Hunchback’ [of Notre Dame] is really cool cause it kind of mixes that Disney thing with some more mature themes and ideas so it was the best of all worlds there,”. 

  According to, it is based on the novel by Victor Hugo, with songs from the Disney adaptation. For those who have seen the film, there will definitely be familiar elements and songs, but the story will reflect the original novel more closely.  

The pandemic has made a lot of changes to extra-curricular programs this year, and the performing arts department is no exception. Audience members sit six feet apart and the ensemble will wear masks during the performances. However, performing arts directors Long, Ranae Dalgliesh, Chelsea Lujan, Austin Hilla, and Gisele Gremmert have been working hard to make sure that this community event can still take place.

Long says, “I think a lot of what the challenges we have had, we have turned into things that we don’t think of as challenges, cause just how we do it, putting a big cast into pods and things like that, has turned into something I don’t think has been too challenging. It just took a lot of planning and thinking ahead of time on how to make this work and to keep kids as safe and healthy as possible.”

The precautions the cast has taken are quite extensive. Like athletic teams, the cast and crew get tested every two weeks and are not allowed to take off their masks during rehearsal. Aside from the soloists, they will all wear masks during the performances as well. Only around 420 tickets will be available for each performance, but there will also be a live stream for the first time ever. 

The show opens on February 25, and runs through March 1, with a matinee on Saturday, February 27. Tickets will go on sale Wednesday 17 at and will cost $10.