Coach Guymon – Spiking into Hillcrest


Melissa Guymon

Melissa Guymon and her husband.

HHS has gained one incredible coach this year. Melissa Guymon is the new Hillcrest’s Volleyball Coach here at HHS, as well as one of the many physical education teachers. She is excited to continue her 6-year coaching and 2-year teaching career. 

Guymon grew up in Saint George, Utah. Some of her favorite things to do are: play volleyball, pickleball, anything active, do high fitness, and spend time outside with her husband and family. She loves to make jewelry and has started a small business of her own to turn her hobby into a profession. 

When she isn’t crazy busy, she is dreaming of Patrick Dempsey. Who is she kidding? Even when she is crazy busy, she is definitely picturing a walk on the beach with the one and only “McDreamy.”

HHS is blessed with the best coaches and teachers. Guymon loves working at Hillcrest for all of the growth she has been able to gain. She would describe her experience here as,

“Hillcrest is a really special school with some really amazing kids. I feel very grateful to be in a position where I am forced to get out of my comfort zone and challenge myself to be better.”

Volleyball is Guymon’s passion. She works every day to better herself and her team. She is looking forward to her future seasons coaching at HHS. Her goals are great, and so are her athletes. Guymon can’t wait to get her team back on the court and continue improving. 

“One of our biggest tasks this year will be to instill a growth mindset in everyone and become more resilient mentally. This upcoming season we are hoping to finish top 3 in the region. Ultimately, we want to compete for a state championship just like everyone else!”

Guymon has already made a huge impact on her students and team in the short amount of time she has been here. Her favorite thing about coaching is the relationships that she gets to build with her athletes. 

Varsity team member Audrey Leishman admires Guymon for all she has done for her. 

Leishman explained, “She really pushed me to become not only a better volleyball player but also a better person. She genuinely has been such an inspiration to me.”

Guymon is one of the greatest additions to Hillcrest yet. Her love for Diet Dr. Pepper was just a small sign to Chelsea Divine, the Drill Team coach, and yoga teacher, that they would be great friends. The sports department is very lucky to have these strong women. It’s great to see the sports department come together and grow a close bond. It’s all up from here. 

Coach Guymon sees the potential in HHS and has such a raw passion and love for the environment here. We are so very lucky to have her. She would like the school to know that,

“This school has so much to offer and we should be so proud to be part of it. There are truly incredible teachers and coaches here. Count your blessings you get to live in a beautiful area and get to be part of such a great community. All packs united.”