30 years deserves a party!

After 30 years of teaching Mrs. Trelease decided it was time to finally break free from teaching! With ten years at Joel P. Jensen Middle School and twenty years at Hillcrest High School, the 2020-2021 school year will be her last. 

Trelease began her teaching career at Joel P. Jensen Middle School in Jordan School District in 1991 after graduating from Southern Utah University. She taught 9th grade English and French for ten years before transferring to Hillcrest in 2001. 

 “Fun fact…Joel P. Jensen was the first principal of Hillcrest High School when it opened in 196whatever…and I started my career at Joel P Jensen and finished at Hillcrest… the circle of life :)!” says Trelease. 

At Hillcrest, Trelease has taught senior English, mythology, and concurrent enrollment English 1010 and 2010. She has also been the Peer Leadership Team adviser since 2006. 

Trelease’s favorite part of teaching is when students are able to find their authentic writing voice, so her favorite classes have been teaching concurrent enrollment since there is a strong focus on writing. 

 Going with students to do tutoring in the elementary schools through PLT has also been a highlight.

In addition to being a graduate of Hillcrest, both of Trelease’s children have graduated from Hillcrest while she has been teaching here.

“What I will miss most about being at Hillcrest is the people…students and teachers. I love the relationships I have made with my colleagues over the years,” says Trelease.

The class of 2021 is Mrs. Trelease’s last class of her teaching career and it’s not any ordinary year! Due to COVID-19, it has been a year Mrs. Trelease has never seen before. She will forever remember this year because of all the crazy new rules and protocols that were placed. 

Hillcrest High School will forever remember Mrs.Trelease and will always be thankful for her many years of teaching.