Reselling isn’t good for the industry treetwear/ treetwear/

Reselling in fashion/streetwear is when you buy a piece of clothing right when it comes out, then selling it for a higher price. Most of the time this ends up selling out the whole drop (“drop” means when someone sells a bunch of clothing) in seconds. 

The prices that clothes are sold at vary on what is happening at the time, who is selling it, who is excited about it, and who made it. An example of this is when the Mocha Jordan 1’s came out. At first, the prices for it at first were upwards of $650 because they look similar to a more sought-after shoe, but now that the hype has settled, the shoe is now worth $450. 

Reselling is mainly based on hype, and how many shoes are out there. It’s sort of like stock where you can buy a bunch of shoes and sell them for more if people want. The main difference is that instead of the value being based on the value itself, it is based on how much people want it, not the actual prices of the whole shoe itself. 

This creates a few problems. The main ones are that it creates false value, it makes it hard for people to get into fashion, and it steers people away from the main point of expressing themselves through clothes. When you put so much value in clothes, people getting into fashion think that it’s more about the value when in reality it’s about expressing yourself. 

It’s a problem for people starting off because it’s just really expensive. In both high-end fashion and streetwear, the most popular stuff is really expensive. One example of both is in streetwear, the Travis Scott Jordan 1’s that now go for 1500$, or Rick Owens Kiss platform boots that go for over 5000$. When you’re new it’s scary and it puts a thought that all the best stuff is the most expensive, but with the Travis Scott Jordan 1’s the materials aren’t better, it’s just harder to get them. 

In the end, fashion is about expressing yourself and if that idea is confused with value then if you’re just doing it for others. Don’t wear clothes for others, wear them for yourself.