Top Ten Jon Bellion Songs

Pictured: Artwork of the album cover of Bellion’s “The Human Condition”

Pictured: Artwork of the album cover of Bellion’s “The Human Condition”

Jonathan David Bellion is a popular American musician and producer. He has released four mixtapes and two studio albums throughout his career as a musician. In this article, we will be ranking the top ten songs from those collections.

Note: These will only be mainstream Bellion songs. Songs he was featured in, or produced will not be included, as those were largely worked on by others as well.

10. “All-Time Low”(The Human Condition) – “All-Time Low” is by far Bellion’s most popular track. It discusses the experience Bellion has after he is no longer with his ex, as he is experiencing his own “all-time low”. The song is extremely catchy, but it’s become very mainstream and doesn’t rank too high on this list.

9. “Don’t Ask Cuz I Don’t Know” (Translations Through Speakers)– This is a brilliant song from early in Bellion’s career. He discusses how he is nervous about the future, and he just doesn’t know what lies ahead of him.

8. “The Wonder Years” (Translations Through Speakers)– In this track, Bellion discusses how he wishes he could go back to his younger days. It’s extremely emotionally driven and very easy for the listener to connect to.

7. “Human” (The Definition)– This is another song from Bellion that has layers. Bellion talks of how he’s doing his best to live life right, but he fears it isn’t enough. It has amazing lyrics in it, and fantastic instrumentals too.

6. “Woke the **** Up” (The Human Condition)– The normal song is very good, but I personally prefer the acoustic version. Bellion talks of commitment in this song, and how social pressure can affect people. My favorite line from this song ranks among my favorite lines in any of his songs. “We live in an age where everything is staged and all we do is fake our feelings I’m so scared to put myself so out there time is running out yeah”

5. “Overwhelming” (The Human Condition)– This is a fairly well-known Bellion song. The song has a pretty simple premise, it’s Bellion talking of his significant other and how much she blows him away. The instrumentals once again stand out in this track.

4. “Hand of God (Outro)” (The Human Condition)- This song is a very religious song, as Bellion talks of the issues in his life, but also of how his mother tells him to remember his life is always in the hand of God. The ending replays parts of the rest of the album, and the whole song is just a roller coaster of emotions for both Bellion and the listener.

3. Stupid Deep (Glory Sound Prep)- The newest song that Bellion has released on this list is also maybe the most emotional. The line “The whole inside my heart is stupid deep” really hits home with listeners, and the beautiful instrumental makes for a song that hits stupid deep.

2. Maybe IDK (The Human Condition)- This track dives into Bellion talking of how he’s not sure what lies ahead, but he knows it will be okay. Lyrics like “Why do we all fear the things that we

might not know?” are some of Bellion’s most powerful in all of his music. The song has incredible vocals as well, highlighting Bellion’s talent.

1. “Morning in America” (The Human Condition)- The top song on this list is really easy for high schoolers to relate to. Jon Bellion sings of a high school life where “great expectations” are upon him, and he has to hide all of his problems. The vocals and instrumentals are at their peak in Bellion’s music, and the song has plenty of amazing lyrics as well. It never gets old for me to listen, and reminds me of how expectations set on people can truly drag them down. The title “Morning in America” shows how all of these things are truly happening around us, and we can’t just ignore it. “I’ve been trying to keep up with all of these great expectations, so I keep on faking. We’re secretly out of control”