Tevas or Chacos?

(Moonlight Reviews)

(Moonlight Reviews)

Often during the Summer you will look at people’s feet and often see them wearing either Chacos or Tevas. It is a very big argument on which one is better than the other.

Depending on which you wear, people will attack the opposite user. Teva users will attack Chaco users and vice versa. When looking at your feet, what kind of comfort do you think they deserve?

Are you wanting comfort for your feet during the summer that will last but is hard? Or comfort that is more pleasurable but not long lasting? Depending on your answer is whether or not you will choose a Chaco or Teva.

Chacos are the same build for every sandal and a Teva gives you many different options whether that be hiking or swimming. Choosing the right summer shoe is very crucial.

Are you a Teva or a Chaco fan? Who makes the better adventure sandals for your upcoming summer?