The ultimate fruit snack ranking

Don't try this at home kids

Maggie E

Don’t try this at home kids

Everybody has their own favorite fruit snacks. After asking many of my friends and classmates, I decided it was time to settle this heated debate once and for all. I rated five different kinds of fruit snacks on taste, texture, and aesthetic, and here are the final results.

Going in, fruit smiles were the crowd favorite. Nearly everyone that I asked said that the Walmart brand was their favorite, but I disagree. Welch’s are my personal favorite. However, I did my best to be objective and rate all of the fruit snacks without bias.

First up was the Kellog’s fruit snacks. These were that fancy kind that I got in movie theatres or at my grandma’s house. In all honesty, they’re kind of bougie. I gave them a seven for taste, a five for aesthetic, and a five on the texture. They taste better than most fruit snacks, and I think the texture is good as well. They were stiffer than the other kinds, which I like.

Next is Mott’s. While they aren’t the most popular, they are probably some of the more common ones. They got a six for taste, even though they are kind of bland, a 5 for the aesthetic, and a 4 for the texture because they got super stuck in my teeth. A solid choice, but not my favorite.

To represent the character fruit snacks I went with the Scoob! ones. Maybe it was just because they were frozen from sitting in my car all night, but they were way stickier than the other types. They only got a three for texture. They were also the worst tasting out of the bunch. But, I have to give a ten for the aesthetic. The color palette, as well as the shapes, were spot on.

Finally, the two biggest contenders, fruit smiles and Welch’s. In terms of taste, they were neck in neck. Both have distinct flavors for each type of snack and didn’t have too much of a chemical taste like one of the others did. They were also both pretty stiff, but the Welch’s were chewier. I like that better, but I think it is a matter of personal preference. So at this point, they are both doing pretty good in my ranking system, but when it comes to the looks, I have to give it to Welch’s. They just look better, both the packaging and the fruit snacks themselves.

So maybe it’s just me, and I’m pretty sure I won’t convince my friends that Welch’s are better, but they are. Fruit smiles just aren’t as good, sorry.