Getting ready for the hiking season in Utah

As the weather starts to get better in Utah, people are out seeking adventures. Even though winter has only been a couple of months, people are eager to get out because Covid-19 has had setbacks.

Hiking is a big part of living in Utah, and some people have never done it! Going out into nature and feeling like you’re the only one on earth. There’s no better feeling than being lost and finding yourself.

In Utah, Hillcrest students have the opportunity to live super close to Big and Little Cottonwood canyon. These canyons have tons to offer. Waterfalls, rivers, lakes, trees, and granite.

If you were a tourist one of the first things people would do is go up to Snowbird. During the summer, Snowbird has tons to offer. Whether that be the tram, slides, jumping houses, and tons of hikes.

Another attraction is bells canyon. Bells Canyon is one of the most popular tourist and local hikes in Utah. Right at the mouth of Little Cottonwood Canyon, you have the opportunity to hike up to a lake then a little farther is a waterfall. The hike is 4.6 to the waterfall and 4.6 back.

Donut falls is another great hike located up Big Cottonwood Canyon. This hike is an easy 3.6 miles roundtrip. You have the opportunity to hike into a big waterfall that has a donut-shaped hole in the middle.

If you’re looking for a strenuous but rewarding hike, Mount Olympus. Although it is only 7 miles, the hike is straight uphill the entire hike. It is a very hard hike, however, it is a very good feeling summiting the mountain.

Go out and seek adventure in Utah. It is always out there, you just have to look for it wherever you go.

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