Mr. Richins is the new PLT advisor

Last week the decision to replace retiree Mrs. Trelease as the Peer Leadership Team Advisor was made. After much consideration, Mr. Richins will now be taking over as PLT advisor for all PLT classes in the future.

Mr. Richins has been teaching here at Hillcrest for 21 years now! Many students will recognize him as the AP United States Government Teacher. He also teaches IB History of the Americas.

Richins said being the new PLT advisor was not originally on his radar, but that he is excited to take over and start a new journey with future Peer Leadership Teams.

In the past, Richins has coached Varsity Basketball at Hillcrest, but resigned three years ago.

Principal Leavitt…asked me to be involved with all kinds of extra-curricular activities since I resigned…When he presented me with this opportunity, I said yes. I was willing to do this because I know Ms. Trelease will leave behind a strong program that is well organized and has a tradition of success,” said Richins.

Being a part of PLT is a lengthy process, you have to interview and maintain certain grades as well as actively be serving in your community. It is a leadership organization. Richins said he is looking forward to working with and getting to know the students selected to participate.

Richins said, “I know there is a different relationship between students and coach/advisor than there is between teacher/student.”