Is SBO for you?

SBO stands for Student Body Officer. Student government is made up of SBOS. It includes the Student Body President, Vice President, Secretary, Activities Coordinator, Public Relations, Spirit Officer (new this year), Artist, Historian, Audio Visuals Officer, Student Relations Officer, and the President, Vice President, and Secretary for each grade.

As Student Body President, I can confidently say that Student Government is not for everyone. It requires a lot of time commitment, hard work, communication, and cooperation to be successful. Running for SBO is far from easy as well. It requires interviewing, teacher evaluations, video and poster-making, and doing one’s best to convince their classmates to vote for them for the positions they are running for.

The Hillcrest Constitution details the specific responsibilities of each position in Student Government. Only seniors are allowed to run for SBO positions, while all underclassmen and the trio of seniors are known as “Class Officers”.

The biggest issue people run into with Student Government is a misunderstanding of what it is. Many people run for SBO in hope of getting a cool jacket or getting more clout from the student body. However, it becomes adamant once one gets on SBO if they are actually committed or not. SBO requires a lot of late hours, working with the administration and other adults, and making difficult decisions while improving on past mistakes. It’s a fantastic opportunity to help serve the school and improve the community, but it’s also something someone has to be 100% into in order to be successful.

Student Government is by far my favorite thing I’ve participated in high school. I’ve met incredible people through it, while making incredible memories and it’s helped me become a better person. SBO elections for next year are currently happening, while Class Officer elections will happen later in April. If anyone ever has any questions regarding SBO, they are welcome to reach out to any current member of the student government.

Hillcrest Student Government 2020-2021

SBO President- Max Lepore

SBO Vice President- Judah Mismash

SBO Secretary- Nicole Crain

Activities Coordinator- Nicole Aragundi

Public Relations: Hibba Ahmed

Treasurer: (the position was removed after this year) Sydney Russell

Audio Visuals: Ethan Kendrick

Historian: Lizzy Hamilton

Student Relations: Ian Tsai

Artist: Anya Tiwari

Senior Class President: Griffin Wright

Senior Class Vice President: Oliver Smith

Senior Class Secretary: Zach Jessop

Junior Class President: Humzah Khan

Junior Class Vice President: Jason Mun

Junior Class Secretary: Anika Balakrishnan

Sophomore Class President: Jaren Ruff

Sophomore Class Vice President: Cameron Kelly

Sophomore Class Secretary: Cameron Jessop

Freshman Class President: Munashe Tanjani

Freshman Class Vice President: Sofronia Mahe

Freshman Class Secretary: Marcela Kodato