The best scholarship websites

Scholarships are a great way to pay for college

Scholarships are a great way to pay for college

Scholarships are some of the best ways to pay for college. There are so many available and many are really easy to apply to. One of the biggest problems that people face is finding scholarships to apply to, but there are a lot of great websites out there to help you find scholarships that you qualify for. Here are some of the best ones.

Going Merry: Going merry is one of my favorite websites to help me find scholarships. After filling out a profile, they will match you with scholarships that you qualify for. The profile you fill out at the beginning makes applying super easy because you don’t have to rewrite all of your extracurriculars and service every single time. They fill a lot of it in for you based on what you already told them. They also have scholarship bundles, which allow you to apply for multiple scholarships at once. They are really easy to use and really helpful.

Unigo: This website has a lot of weird and crazy scholarships. Nearly every month you can apply for a scholarship just by writing a short essay about your favorite ice cream flavor or even your plan to survive the zombie apocalypse. However, because they are so easy, this is a very popular website and they have more applicants. Your chances won’t be very good at winning.

Scholly: This is a service that you have to pay for, but for serious scholarship seekers, it is going to be really helpful. Scholly provides many scholarships and helps students locate ones that they might qualify for as well. You can set a goal of how much you want to earn, and the app will help you track how much you have applied for and how close you are to reaching your goal.

Keys to success: This is more of a local service, based in Utah. Many of the scholarships on their app and website are Utah-based as well. They have scholarships to Utah colleges that students can apply for, and you’ve probably seen the posters hanging around the school. Not only that, but they have internships and other opportunities that students can use to build experience in their chosen field.

There are so many scholarships that don’t get taken advantage of. These websites are built to help students find ways to pay for college and they are good at their job. If you have other questions about scholarships and how to apply, ask your counselor in the school counseling office. They are also a great resource.