The Italian Stallion: Anthony Vail

Anthony Vail during the 2020-2021 high school football season

Lizzy Hamilton

Anthony Vail during the 2020-2021 high school football season

Anyone who plays a high school sport likes to brag about being a big-time athlete. But after you see Anthony Vail tirelessly train for 6 hours, 5 days a week, the standards for being an athlete can only be met by so many.

Vail is a member of the varsity track team and captain of Hillcrest’s varsity football league team. He previously graced Hillcrest’s baseball team but chose to pursue his other sports more seriously.

Out of all the sports he’s had the opportunity to play, Vail competes most passionately as a football star.

Once during a school event, Vail boasted to the school that “he could play anywhere the coach told him to.”

Hillcrest’s resident triple threat got into sports because they kept him away from the things he shouldn’t have been doing. Sports also gave him motivation; motivation enough to earn numerous scholarships to prestigious programs, make first-team all-region for football, and smoke his competition on the track.

To get to his level would require hours of strength training, grit, natural talent, and an interesting concoction of protein powder, creatine, and power greens.

Despite his strong, charming, and stoic persona, Anthony, too, has his share of obstacles.

My biggest weakness is getting in my own head, not being focused,” he said.

Over countless athletic accolades, only a finely tuned athlete like Anthony Vail would say his greatest accomplishment yet is being a leader.

“Anthony is one of the best leaders, I have ever met in my life, from my first football practice he brought me in and made me feel welcome,” said Aidan Oneida,#25, a Hillcrest linebacker and fullback “Our team would not have been the same without him being the heart.”

Besides being a stud on the field, only a great leader and a great friend could earn such praise from his teammates

While it is still in question where Hillcrest’s #26 will lend his talents this coming fall, there is no doubt Anthony Vail is the athletic prodigy to look out for.