Sammy and Sally no more?

Max Lepore, Student Body President, dressed in cosutme.

Lizzy Hamilton

Max Lepore, Student Body President, dressed in cosutme.

Sammy and Sally started in the mid-’80s at Hillcrest High School to welcome new 10th graders. Throughout the years, it has changed to a tradition and that has been a staple for SBO’s to create every year.

This year, and every year after, there will no longer be any more episodes. The administration decided to cancel the show due to complaints. They also want to start new traditions with the new school being open and ready for next year’s students.

The administration told SBO’s that they got several complaints when it came to Sammy and Sally.

With the sudden ending of the long tradition, some students feel upset about the ending of the long-lived legacy. The show has been a crucial part of homecoming week. Everyone looks forward to the next episode in December and so forth.

“I think it’s pretty funny the way it ended and I think we should leave it at that,” said Ethan Kendrick, Sammy and Sally’s final writer.

Kendrick seemed pretty sad about the ending of the tradition but he is looking forward to no more extra work on his plate.

“I have ideas/script stuff but if we did anything with them, it would be in May and we’d make it just for ourselves.” He continued, “I don’t really know.”

Although Sammy and Sally has come to an end, what can Hillcrest Administration offer to the student body to make the school more enjoyable? Can students at Hillcrest even start new traditions with the way our culture is moving?

Students have the right to make traditions and they should be able to embrace their generation without hurting the feelings of a teacher.