Tony Basgallop’s “Servant”

In 2020, Apple TV released a series called “Servant.” The show is very mysterious and keeps you wondering what is going to happen.

The show starts with a couple, Sean and Dorothy Turner who lost their 13-week old baby. Not long after their introduction, the viewers are shown that the mother, Dorothy Turner, has a “reborn doll.”

She was given this doll shortly after her son’s tragic death as a coping mechanism. She was so invested in this doll that she didn’t even register that it was a doll, she treated it as if it was her son. Her husband and brother, Julian, were the only ones who were aware of the real son’s death and with this doll, she was now consumed with.

The audience is shown little snippets of the couple’s life before, during, and after their son’s death. These flashbacks give puzzling information surrounding their son’s death.

Dorothy finally decided that she was ready to go back to work after a long while on maternity leave. Of course, this meant that she would need to hire a nanny for her son, Jericho. Sean is convinced that she is insane for hiring a nanny for their doll.

Soon their nanny, Leanne Grayson, arrived on a rainy night. The audience is instantly struck by her mysterious personality. She is very quiet and strange in her interactions with Dorothy and Sean.

The next morning she wakes up and is going to meet the baby, Sean expects her to be very confused to see that the baby is really a doll, but she acts completely normal and okay with it. From there, the show only spirals into a fascinating story full of questions and mystery.

The viewers learn a lot about Leanne’s dark past and why she decided to nanny for the Turners. Leanne does not have a lot of background information which makes her seem even more bizarre.

She is very religious and tries to incorporate her beliefs and customs into their home. Sean is very skeptical of this and starts investigating her. He and Julian find a lot of questionable things about Leanne and her past.

Just when you think it can’t get any more confusing and weird, a shocking twist blows your mind. A real-life baby appears in their home. No one knows whose baby it is and where it came from. Dorothy treats this baby as her own and acts as if nothing is wrong. This leaves the audience full of curiosity and confusion.

The show is well written and keeps you entertained the whole time. It is 2 seasons long and there are currently episodes being released every Friday. The episodes usually leave off on a questionable note which leaves you waiting very impatiently for the next episode.

If you are looking for a shockingly addicting series to binge, Servant is for you.

4/5 paws.