“Smiling With No Teeth” Review

Album cover

Album cover

“Smiling with no teeth” is Genesis Owusu’s debut album, and has generated attention in the music community. The album is about the racism that has happened to Genesis and others around the world. In an interview with Genesis he stated.

In reality, it was much more like a Groundhog Day situation where I’ve seen these kinds of things so many times and I’ve experienced racial abuse so many times to the point where it’s not a shocking occurrence to me”

The whole album is a funky mess that reminds me of The Weekend’s “After Hours” and Kendrick Lamar’s “To pimp a butterfly”.

This album is fun, groovy, and has some incredibly good parts. I don’t think that there is a dull moment on this album, except for Centrefold. I would highly recommend this album if you are a fan of those albums that I mentioned it has the grooviness of TPAB but at the same time, there are some parts that sound like they are from the eighties. Although the opener does sound like a Death Grips song.

The biggest problem is that it isn’t cohesive; there are jumps to completely different genres and doesn’t do anything with it. For example, the song “Black dogs”, while a fun rock song is the only rock song that is featured in the whole album, and nothing is built off of that.

Another example is the opening song is very harsh, it almost sounds like a death grips song, and it abruptly ends and switches to something else completely.

My two favorite songs in this album are “Other black dogs” and “A song about fishing”. “Other black dogs” is an intense song that reminds me a lot of something like a chase scene in a movie. The song is about running away from a metaphorical black dog trying to get you to do bad things.

“A song about fishing” is a little bit of a joke about doing your best. Trying to catch a fish in a lake that doesn’t have any fish but you hope that there is.

None of the songs in this album stick out to me as particularly bad but my least favorite song would have to be “Centrefold”, out of all the songs “Centrefold” is a forgettable song that doesn’t really have much going for it.

In the end, “Smiling with teeth” is a very good album, it’s a combination of funky beats and cool synths, but it isn’t very cohesive. This is by far my favorite album to come out this year and I am very excited to see what Genesis will make in the future.

4.5/5 Paws