The mask mandate is finally up


It has been over a year since everyone has been required to wear masks in almost every public place. Grocery stores, restaurants, malls, gas stations, and pretty much any other public building due to the mask mandate.

People were required to wear masks as the COVID-19 case numbers rose substantially over the course of several months. Masks were worn as a safety precaution to help prevent the spread of the virus through public places. Most businesses required masks to help keep the public safe and to slow down the rising case numbers all over the world.

Most states and cities have their own rules regarding COVID-19 safety measures and mask wearing. It is known that these rules have changed many times throughout the course of the pandemic this last year.

With each area having their own rules and expectations, the safety and concern over COVID-19 varies quite a bit. In some cities, almost everyone wears their mask in public, while in some other places, almost no one cares about the virus.

On April 10th, the state of Utah’s mask mandate was lifted, with this, some places are still requiring masks as they are able to make their own rules. Some cities are extending their mask mandate due to higher case numbers in that area.

“Act with respect to your fellow humans,” Governor Spencer Cox says as he is talking about the mandate being lifted.

There are a lot of different opinions when it comes to wearing masks in public. Some people don’t think that they are effective and hate wearing masks, and some people think that they are very effective and like wearing a mask to keep themselves and others safe.

The reason that the state of Utah’s mask mandate is able to be lifted is because of the large number of people getting the vaccine. At this time, anyone that is 16 years old and above is able to get vaccinated. This has created a significant drop in the active COVID-19 cases in the state.

Many people have very high hopes of having a fairly normal spring and summer. It is very promising to see the case numbers dropping and vaccine numbers rising. Hopefully within the next few months, things can slowly get back to how they were before the pandemic started.