Tavo puts the Pal in Vice Principal

Ari Tavo (New Vice Principal)

Ari Tavo (New Vice Principal)

Meet our new Vice Principal, Ari Tavo. Tavo is one incredible woman. She has been teaching Spanish at all levels for 7 years now and has accomplished a lot, including a passing rate of 98% in the Spanish classes she has taught.

Providence Hall, Murray High School, and East High School are schools that have been blessed with her impressive teaching methods. She is excited to continue her career here at HHS as a teacher specialist, and now the VP.

Tavo grew up in Murray, Utah, loving all kinds of outdoor activities. In her free time she is either playing pickleball with friends or going to the dog park with her two fur babies; Jason the pitbull husky mix with beautiful eyes, and Thor who is an unknown mix, but just as adorable.

Tavo is a very impressive person. Following her high school swim career at Murray High School, she was offered a scholarship to play water polo in New York. There, she spent multiple years playing water polo among the very best. A couple of her friends she played with went to the Olympics.

The pandemic has made it difficult to meet with students and their parents, but this has not stopped Tavo from connecting with them. Teaching has given her the opportunity to love her students like her own.

Her love for Hillcrest is unmatched. The dynamic is so different from her past jobs. She has noticed that HHS is a “combination of Murray and East”. She loves that the school is constantly finding new ways to improve. She feels that this school has a lot of potentials and is a positive work environment. Tavo loves to see her students grow.

“Every day is different. I like coming to a school that is growing…My favorite thing about teaching is the energy that students get from understanding something”, she explained.

Over the years, she has noticed that the kids she works with don’t feel seen or loved. She wants all students to know that they are seen and the administration does notice their student body.

Tavo said, “We know you and we want you to succeed.”

Tavo would love to meet and talk to you about life. She might share with you her love for Will Smith and her dream of living close to a beach and spending time in the sun with her husband and fur babies. I can tell you right now, she is a great listener and gives great advice. Ari Tavo puts the pal in Vice-Principal.