Utah in the top 3 places to live in the United States

Utah is the third best place to live in the United States according to U.S. News and the Salt Lake Tribune. With the 3rd best economy in the United States, people are moving from all over to get a taste of the beautiful scenery and our great infrastructure.

Governor Cox R, Utah, noted that he wasn’t surprised about the rankings this year. He mentioned that the people of Utah even knew it.

These rankings confirm what Utahns have known for years — Utah is the best state in the nation for economic opportunity, for education and for quality of life,” said Cox. I’m extremely proud of this recognition and look forward to an even more prosperous 2021 for all Utahns.”

According to the Salt Lake Tribune, by breaking down all the factors of economic growth in the United States, Utah is no. 2 in employment, no. 3 in growth, and no. 8 in a business environment.

All these factors that led up to the final poll were brought about after several months of surveys, data points, and more than 70 metrics.

“The 2021 Best States report combines data-driven journalism and rankings to help citizens, business leaders and policymakers see where states stack up on key benchmarks — so that states can learn from each other and target areas for improvement,” according to the U.S. News.

Along with all these high rankings for Utah, there were several other categories that didn’t reach that high mark.

According to the Salt Lake Tribune, Utah ranked no. 47 for the natural environment. The lowest categories being no. 36 for drinking water, no. 45 for air quality, and no. 46 for low pollution health risk.

“The COVID-19 pandemic and evolving social climate of the past year have made a host of critical issues top of mind for Americans, from access to adequate health care and quality education to economic stability and public safety,” said Kim Castro.

A Hillcrest Senior, Brooke Lignell said “I really am not surprised that Utah is No. 3 in the U.S. right now because of our economy. I think once Herbert left office, things started getting done.”

These factors have put Utah in the Top 3 under Washington and Minnesota.

All in all, Utah will keep growing as it gets bigger with more and more people moving here. The future is ahead of us and growth will inevitably come.