Prom 2021: It’s happening!


The theme for prom this year is “Just the way you are”

It is crazy to think about, but Hillcrest has not officially held a dance since Sweethearts in February 2020. Since prom was canceled just a couple of days before it was set to take place, it has been over a year since the last dance.

Even up to a couple weeks ago, it was not clear that prom would be able to take place.

Senior, Angie Jeffery, was shocked when she found out that there would be a dance. She didn’t think that it would be possible.

Students have still found ways to celebrate dances even though they were not supported by the school. From backyards and porches, students have made the most of this strange school year.

“[In October] A group of my friends and I did a day activity, took pictures, went to dinner, and did a night activity. Basically we had our own dance, minus the dance,” says Jeffery.

Because there hasn’t been a dance all year, students are even more excited about prom than usual.

“I’m always 100% excited for stuff, so I can’t really be much more excited,” says senior Nami Robinson.

Of course there will be precautions taken. Students will have to be tested the day before in order to get into the dance, and in order to limit the number of people, only juniors and seniors will be allowed to go. The dance will be held in the aux gym.

There are QR codes placed around the school where students can sign up for testing and a time slot for which building they would like to be in. It is important to sign up for these as soon as possible. Students will not have to buy tickets, and the dance will be free.

The theme will be “Just The Way You Are” and the dance will take place on March 13. Testing will be the day before, on Friday the 12, and it is important that all of the regulations are followed to make this possible.

Activities will also be held all week, there will be a spelling bee, spikeball, and a trivia night. The assembly to announce prom royalty will be held on Thursday the 11th. Students should contact a junior class officer or come to room A209 for more details.