Concealed carry with no permit in the state of Utah

Due to a new Utah Senate house bill known as HB60, residents in Utah will be able to conceal carry a gun with no permit or prior training.

Utah became the 18th state in the United States to pass the law. If you are the age of 21+, you will be able to carry a gun concealed, without any permit. Utah previously allowed for its residents to open carry anytime.

Senator Daniel Thatcher, R-West Valley was very argumentative to the house about the bill. When the bill was introduced, he jumped right on it.

The only thing that this bill does is if you can lawfully carry … if I can lawfully carry openly, it is against the law currently for me to cover it up for the comfort and peace of mind of others. That is literally the only thing we are changing in this bill,” Thatcher said.

On February 12, 2021, Governor Cox, R-Utah, supported the bill and went on and signed it. HB60 will go into effect in May 2021.

Brooke Lignell, hillcrest senior said, “I think that this is great. Everyone should be able to carry in the state if they wish,” she continued, “The 2nd Amendment is a right we should all protect.”

People ages 18 to 20 will still have to take a class in order to have a provisional concealed carry. People that young cannot carry on elementary or secondary campuses. However, they are able to defend themselves if they are in the midst of physical harm and or death.

According to the Utah Bureau of Criminal Investigation, approximately 718,218 permits are issued in the state, in 2020. Out of those, 2,487 were permit suspensions, permit denials, and permit revocations.

One big argument is whether or not people have the training in order to carry a gun without taking a safety class. The class is where a lot of the information comes in about being able to conceal carry.

However, when people are buying guns in any state, not just Utah, a background check is required. There are already systems in play that stop anyone that has a mental disability to acquire a gun.

Steve Eliason, R-Sandy, argued for the passing of the bill. Although the law was passed he still believes that gun owners are in charge of learning the laws and following them.

Gun owners have a responsibility to learn the laws and develop their skills,” Eliason said.

The concealed carry permit will still be able to be acquired, however, it is not required for anyone over the age of 21. Some might still get the permit in order to show cops in other states when traveling.