Final graduation in the ¨grand old building”


Graduation drive-through from 2020

The class of 2021 has been wondering what their graduation would look like since the COVID-19 pandemic has taken away most of their senior year.

Seniors have had to miss out on many of their school dances and football and basketball games were not the same as previous years. School, in general, has been just that: attending class and focusing on academics.

Each high school in the Canyons School District has different plans for graduation and has been discussing with students and parents, including PTA and School Community Council leaders.

According to, these plans include drive-thru graduation ceremonies, parades, neighborhoods decked out with signs, balloons, and decorations, modified stage walks, music, speeches, live streams, and video recordings, and school-themed gifts, among other festivities.

Most of the high schools in the canyons district are planning on doing drive-through graduation, except for Alta and Hillcrest, who are planning on doing a graduation ceremony on the stage at their schools.

Seniors will get one last chance to walk through what Hillcrest Principal Greg Leavitt describes as a “grand old building” in a graduation march through the old auditorium. The building will be demolished in mid-June 2021 to make way for the new home of the Huskies.

With COVID-19 protocols in mind, students will be assigned times to walk across the Hillcrest stage with 4-5 family members to receive their diploma cover. Faculty members will be stationed throughout the school to usher seniors and their families as they proceed in an orderly and socially distanced manner during the walkthrough. Designated spots will be assigned for photos.

Students will then turn in their caps and gowns and receive their actual diplomas before heading out of their beloved school one last time. Seniors will also be celebrated with yard signs. Links will be provided so family members and friends can watch the live ceremony from afar. The festivities will include graduation speeches, music, and traditional rites before the grad walk (

Hillcrest High Schools SBO president, Max Lepore says “It’s not the ideal graduation, but it’s definitely making the best out of what we can do.“

This graduation ceremony could never compare to the maverick center graduations but due to COVID-19 it will be the closest thing to a normal graduation for the class for 2021.