Sit back and relax, you’ve earned it

High school is an important part of maturing into an adult and it teaches you many great skills that you will use in the future. Four years is a long time to focus on something, so what better way to celebrate than to take a vacation?

There are many different places to visit around the world to fit different kinds of vacations. Each location is likely decided on price, activities, food, culture, and many other things.

“We picked Lake Powell because it’s arguably the most gorgeous place on Earth,” says Brooke Lignell, senior at Hillcrest High School. “We rented a houseboat (with a slide!) because they are the best way to have a big group of people… and it’s a great way to get early morning surfing water.”

Lignell is anxious to spend the time with her friends in one of her favorite places, saying “it’s going to be the best time of mine and my friends’ lives!”

Megan Liddiard, also a senior at Hillcrest High School, is taking her vacation north to the National Park in Wyoming, Yellowstone.

Liddiard is taking the trip with the friends she has made in the past four years from participating on the school’s cross country team. She says, “We’ve spent so much time trail running together over the years. It only made sense to end it all with some national park hiking!”

Being a part of a team in high school is a great chance to form relationships with peers on a deeper level. Teams train together, win together, lose together, and spending that much time teaches the team how to work with each other.

“We’re really excited to end our senior year together in a fun place before we all go our separate ways,” says Liddiard.

Graduating high school truly is a great accomplishment and is truly the beginning of your adult life. Students make different life decisions and different career paths that separate them from their past life and childhood friends. This last trip could be the last time you are with all of your friends for several years. You might as well end with a bang!