10 facts about the human body

Now we’ve all heard that babies have more bones than adults, blah blah blah, but did you know…

  1. You don’t have any blood supply in your cornea
  2. Your heart beats 36 million times a year and pumps 2.4 million liters of blood through 90 thousand kilometers of veins and blood vessels.
  3. Your nose can detect over 1 trillion different smells
  4. Only 2-15% of children possess the bizarre perceptual phenomenon known as eidetic memory, where one can remember an image in fine detail after only seeing it once.
  5. Every second, your body can produce 25 million new cells.
  6. You actually don’t have any muscles in your hands
  7. Humans are as hair per square inch as chimpanzees are
  8. Kobe Bryant was put in a hypobaric chamber so he would essentially absorb and produce more oxygen, leading to better performance.
  9. Even if your liver was reduced by 75%, it would be able to regenerate back to normal size
  10. Within 3 days after death, the enzymes that helped you digest, start to eat you.