When I grow up, I want to…

Madi Alvey, Social Media Editor

What are your plans after high school? Is that a scary question to you? It definitely is to me. The world is so much bigger outside of high school. There are so many options and career paths to go down. Some people will choose to go to college and further their education, some will start working right away, some might go into the military to serve their country, or do something completely different.

College is the most common response when asked what plans for after graduation are. There are 10 universities in Utah as well as 8 technical colleges. Our whole lives growing up, we’re told we are preparing for college. From elementary school to middle school, to high school, our teachers tell us that we need to focus and work hard so that we can succeed in college. It is drilled in our brains from a young age that college is the next step and really important.

Many students choose to stay in-state for the sake of saving money, staying close to home, or because they are on scholarship. Going to college out of state can be very expensive. Most universities charge higher tuition and living expenses for their out-of-state students.

Some people make the decision to go into the military right after school. The military provides its soldiers with opportunities to further their education as well as serve their country. They are given many benefits for their daily sacrifices. This is a great option, but it’s not for everyone.

Trevor Fuelling, a senior at HHS, plans to serve in the Navy. He is excited to serve his country and get a free education in the process, “I decided on the Navy for the experience in my future career.”

Several students have chosen to serve an LDS mission after high school. They can be anywhere from 18-24 months of service all around the world. Those who choose to serve a mission sacrifice an education during their time in the field. College is always an option once they have fulfilled their duties, but it is deferred.

Another common path after graduation is starting a career. Many students will go full-time in an occupation and progress in their field of choice. In this case, a job turns into an occupation. It is smart to get a head start.

No matter what path you choose, remember to work hard and take the necessary steps to become successful. Every path has steps to take, some will be difficult and some will be easy. It’s up to you to decide if the goal is worth the work.